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Zero Tolerance for Pedophiles, Don't Remove Former Friends as Enablers from Conventions.

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Indisputable evidence has come to light that former YouTuber and Brony Analyst ToonKriticY2K is a pedophile and sexual predator. With Skype chat logs proving he had been having sexually explicit chats with a 14 year old girl, and with other victims coming forth on their experiences.

The majority of the community has come out against him, counting his former friends and those of the Analysit community cutting all ties with him while also contacting the FBI and police, in addition to convention staff to make sure ToonkriticY2K wouldn’t be able to prey on anyone else. They even managed to get him to admit to being a pedophile and to his actions during a Skype call, which is actually very important in getting him arrested.

Yet some have criticized them for trying to keep things contained, to not releasing this information to the public right away, so that the authorities can arrest ToonKriticY2K and so that emotions or statements can be figured out. This information was leaked, and in a way that was not perhaps for the best. After this a variety of YouTubers and those of the Brony Fandom have made statements involving the issue, as well it coming out the stories of many of the victims.

One thing that I have found with many of these videos, from both victims and former friends or those who have meet ToonKriticY2K, is that not only is he a pedophile and sexual predator but likely a sociopath as well. Manipulative, compulsive liar, lack of remorse and shame, grandiose self image, irresponsibility, promiscuous sexual behavior, yet able to convince people to his side and charm others into avoiding punishment, among other traits. It all checks out.

Yet with many finger pointing and wanting to place blame or find scapegoats, to the point of now even trying to ban many of those who had been former friends of ToonKriticY2K. This, despite time and again peoples’ experiences showing ta pattern of manipulation, those being taken in by his words or didn’t know what was going on, to being convinced that Toon’s behavior was not as serious, or that he’d change and become better if given the chance.

I can understand people have been hurt, with victims who are seeking vindication, especially since it is unknown at this time if ToonKriticY2K has actually been arrested. Yet this doesn’t mean that former friends should be treated the same as the pedophile and sexual predator by being banned from conventions or even removed as Community Guests. Especially since the behavior of one with, at least, sociopathic tendencies can hide criminal behavior from even their closest friends and family.

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