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Don't Let Lidl Destroy The Porcupine

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The Porcupine sits on a site of incredible history and was sold privately and without advertisement to Lidl and will soon be demolished completely to make way for yet another chain supermarket, without ANY planning permission.

Without warning or notification the pub was privately sold to Lidl and closed and boarded up within a week, to the shock and outrage of the local community.

The Porcupine is a unique pub and has a vast garden which once housed chickens and stabled horses as well as being a lovely place for families to come and enjoy food in the summer. The local rag and bone man- a dying tradition- was keeping his horse there until the sell, when he was made to find another location at short notice. There has been an inn on this spot since the 1400s, making the cellar itself around 500 years old. Some patrons have been frequenting the Porcupine for 60 years and are outraged at the underhand and vicious method in which this has happened. Local news story here:

The locals of Mottingham neither want or need a Lidl. The area immediately surrounding the pub site has a Marks & Spencer Simply Food and a Nisa as well as plenty of other independent shops to suit our needs. Outside traffic to the area will be increased at an already busy and narrow junction. Small local businesses will be put under strain by competition to a giant corporation, and we're losing a beautiful local institution to an imported, chain shop.

Due to poor planning permission laws, legally Lidl do not need permission to demolish or change the use of our beloved, historic, local pub into yet another chain supermarket. We say this is unfair. Tactics have been underhand and in secret and, to know that Lidl can just do what they like without informing or asking the community is disgusting. We ask that Bromley Council remove Lidl’s rights to bulldoze or change our beloved pub into a supermarket without planning permission.

If you agree please sign this petition, pass to your friends and family, copy and paste the text below, add your signature and email to both our MP Bob Neill and Mottingham and Chislehurst North councillor Roger Charsley

Dear Councillor,

The Porcupine, 24 Mottingham Road SE9 4QW is a long standing and beloved community establishment, which has been sold privately and in secret without notification of the local community. Lidl have purchased our beloved and historic venue and are now free to either demolish or change it to a supermarket without planning permission.

This is entirely unfair and we, the people, are outraged. There is no demand for another chain supermarket. We already have a Marks & Spencer and a Nisa in short walking distance of the Porcupine site. We will face increased traffic to an already busy and narrow junction and local, independent businesses will be put under strain of this unwanted corporate organisation.

There has been an inn on this site since the 1400s and we the people are outraged that you can take away this community asset from us without any notification at all.

We ask that you list The Porcupine as an "asset of community value" under the Localism Act 2011 and remove Lidls right to demolish or change the use without the local community’s permission. They must apply for planning permission before being allowed to take away and destroy what is not rightfully theirs.


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