Postpone Brock 2020 Spring Graduation to Fall 2020

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This petition is being written on behalf of the hard-working Spring 2020 Graduates at Brock University. All those who sign wish to be able to walk across a stage on a later date, as they deserve. 

We have worked beyond hard pursuing our degrees and for some, this is the only degree they will ever get and have aspired for at Brock. When we chose your institute we knew it was one that would treat us well and fairly so that being said I hope we can think of an alternative that suits all demographics while being aware of social determinants including the digital divide. We do not think it is fair that the students who have worked so diligently throughout the past four years to have a beyond special moment such as University graduation taken away. We have poured our heart, soul and FINANCES into your institution, the least we deserve is graduation in person at a later date. 

I would like to urge that some people who go to your institution,  are the first and ONLY person from their entire family to ever receive their University Degree. Some families will never again and never have seen someone they know walk across the University stage. They deserve to see and spread their congratulations and pride. 

We are all very aware of the health and safety risks, rules and regulations related to large group gatherings. I understand why we cannot have an in-person ceremony for this June; however, I believe the ceremony can, and should be postponed for a later date in the Fall.

The majority of post-secondary institutions are postponing their ceremonies for a later date, which we think is most beneficial for everyone. 

We understand this is a difficult situation; however, I urge you and other Brock professionals to consider student's not only physical health but mental health and well-being when considering an alternative format for graduation. We do not want this alternative to be: cancelling grad altogether or virtual graduation.  

Please postpone the ceremony to a later date, and do not take away the dreams and hard work away from those who have poured so much of their lives into your institution. 

We look forward to seeing you in Fall 2020. 

Best Regards, 

Brock University Spring 2020 Graduates