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Stop romanticization and normalization of child marriages!

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If you're not familiar already, there's a new TV show in India, called Pehredaar Piya Ki (aka Love's Bodyguard...?) that normalizes child marriage between an 18 year old Indian 'princess' and her 10 year old 'prince', and it's due to air in mid-July. For maximum cringe effect, check out this trailer here: 

I stumbled upon the above trailer and was horrified by what I saw. I shared it with a few friends, we collectively cringed and then I closed my laptop and forgot about it. How many times have we turned a blind eye to social problems? Maybe because some of us don't have a social conscience. More often, it's because we've felt small, helpless, insignificant or incapable of affecting change on a large scale. When Indian channels broadcast Western shows containing drugs, sex, gambling, people get riled up (Hell no!) about their non-compliance with Indian traditions and sensibilities (Sanskaar and all). Even kissing, open display of affection or profanity in Indian movies is criticized and then effectively bleeped out because apparently it is gallat (wrong)?

But let me ask you, is not only normalizing, but also romanticizing CHILD MARRIAGES congruent with our Indian sensibilities?! Many strictly oppose watching kissing scenes or open displays of affection, but will enthusiastically watch romance between an 18 year old princess and a 10 YEAR OLD boy (what Sanskaar, wow). According to UNICEF, child marriages are still widespread in India and includes BOTH girls and boys in rural AND urban areas! This isn't just a 'village' problem, ok? In this show, the Prince-boy is Royalty, after all.

The producers of this show have included a disclaimer against endorsing child marriages (because lawsuits suck). But whether they intend to endorse child marriages or not, shows like these are perpetuating these wrongful practices and ideologies, and benefiting from it simultaneously! Did you know India does not have a censorship board for TV shows? There is literally NO protocol to filter the Bakwaas being watched by MILLIONS. 

I am creating this petition in the hopes that with your help, it will reach and influence powerful decision makers, who can prevent such shows from airing. I am hoping that all of you who shake your heads and complain, or feel embarrassed about the state of India will actually put on your social responsibility hat and take part in affecting change. I am an Indian-born, Canadian woman. It could have simply cringed, made fun of the show, had a good laugh about all the things going wrong in India, and moved on. Many of us do that, and will continue to do with issues that seemingly don't effect us. But if you're not helping fight it, you are helping perpetuate injustice by staying silent. Let's not make any more excuses.

Please sign below if you disagree with normalization and romanticization of child marriages, and spread the word. 


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