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The State of Texas needs Texas ATM vs. Texas Football Again

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The last time Texas won a division title was 2009.  The last time Texas ATM won a division title was 2010.  The last time the two rivals faced off was 2011.  The Longhorn Network, SEC, money, money, money... they worked for money and we don't want those to go away.  But.... Seems they and our rivalry cancellation also took our mojo.  Both schools would benefit from their good old rivalry.  Each needs grit again.  As much as the two schools cannot stand each other, they did do one thing for each other.  They ensured the other would have at least one goal and purpose.  Bring it back.  A non-conference game to fire them up again.  Fire up students.  Fire up athletes.  Fire up the alumni.  Hell, fire up high school kids about being a Fightin' Aggie or a Texas Longhorn.  Let's make the 106.6 mile drive again and get competitive and recoup some grit. #rivalriesinspireonthedeepestmostbasiclevel


Yours From Texas,

Brittany Wagener Scarff

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