We want animals to gain more rights in U.K law and to be classed as more than property

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On August 3rd 2017 we euthanised our  standard poodle (Toby) to help him out of his agony as he was suffering due to having a tumour on his spleen, we were not told this by the vet even though we were back and forth  for at least 4 months, by this time it was too late for an operation as he was underweight, weak and infected by the tumour. We were not told off his possible condition by the vets as they "thought that we couldn't afford it" we would like that all vets are made to give an informed diagnosis, so that the owners can make a more informed choice. We would like animals to be given more rights in law than they have now, we invested almost 7 years in Toby for a vet to just kill him in 4 months, if we starved an animal we would be prosecuted by the RSPCA but it seems a vet is allowed to with no consequences. It is wrong and it must stop. Check my FB profile as his story is public.. I can't ever get Toby back but he such a loving animal cut down by not being told the truth.. it should be law to have at least a diagnosis.