Allow bitless dressage in the UK!

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Bitless bridles are now being allowed at low level dressage competitions throughout Europe. We want British Dressage to consider allowing bitless bridles up to a certain level, for those of us whose horses are not comfortable wearing a bit. 

Although British Dressage try to follow FEI ruling, the majority of riders competing in dressage will never reach FEI level, so it would do no harm to allow slight rules changes up to a certain level. There are claims that bitless bridles are not suitable for dressage as they use nose pressure, however the PS of Sweden Nirak bridle is now allowed to be used in competition, which is effectively a combination bridle using both nose and mouth pressure. So we beleive that the option of using nose pressure without nose pressure should be allowed in competition. 

It is not only beneficial for the welfare of the horse to have the option of bitless, but also beneficial for British Dressage, who would inevitably receive more membership income from people who can now enter these competitions if the rules changed. 

It is also suggested that if these rule changes did take place, that only certain bitless bridles are allowed, long shanked hackamores should not be used whereas sidepull, cross unders and wheel bitless bridles should be allowed as they are roughly equivilant to a snaffle bridle. 

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