Justice for Jason

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On January 19, 2018, our family member and friend, Jason Dhaliwal, was tragically murdered in a van just outside his home. In the days since his death, the Abbotsford Police Department (APD) and Integrated Homicide Investigation Team (IHIT) have failed Jason, his family, and the public in Abbotsford with how their investigation has been handled:

  • The police took too much time to respond to the murder to begin with
  • The police took too much time to review the home security camera footage and they lost valuable time before they could identify the vehicle(s) of the murder suspects
  • During a time of escalating violence in the Metro Vancouver area, the police claimed “mechanical issues” prevented them from using a helicopter to track the vehicle(s) of the murder suspects
  • The police have provided cloudy and mixed answers to the family and the media regarding why the street cameras in the area were not operational on the date of the murder
  • As mourning family members came to the scene of the crime, a member of the APD said the police is “not there to entertain anybody;” this was a hurtful, insensitive, and unprofessional statement to make

In addition, the media has unprofessionally assumed Jason’s guilt by association and has unreasonably tried to connect the dropping of charges against Jason in 2012 with his murder. Since Canada is a country that presumes the innocence of its citizens until they are proven guilty, the media’s behavior has undermined Jason’s dignity and rights by prejudicially poisoning the well of public opinion. We are concerned with how law enforcement’s public relations efforts have contributed to a completely inaccurate impression in the court of public opinion.

Therefore, we, the family and friends of our lost brother, seek Justice for Jason. We need your help in convincing our local and provincial governments to review this case and to reform law enforcement in Abbotsford. Insofar as APD is a municipal police agency, and as the population of Abbotsford has grown significantly, we are concerned that the capacities of the APD are outmatched by the community’s needs. The notion that nonoperational cameras and helicopters would impede a response to a homicide is unacceptable. We propose that the APD be replaced by the federally regulated RCMP that is properly funded, resourced, and transparent. We propose that the RCMP is better suited to resolve the ongoing violence in our community.

We want Jason to be the last innocent person that dies because of policing that fails to promote public safety and transparency.

Please sign this petition and help us bring this tragic situation to the attention of the Province of British Columbia’s Attorney General, the Honourable David Eby.