Renew Scott Harrisons Boxing License.

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My boxing license was supended 2013 because of a Spanish case from 2007. The BBBoC had said at their meeting 2014 that my license would be reinstated after the Spanish case was finished. Was extradited to Spain in 2015. I reapplied to get my boxing license reinstated in 2018, as promissed by the board, my renewal of license application was denied. I was not even given the opportunity to sit infront of the British Boxing Board of Control to answer there claims that it's not in the best interest of the sport of boxing or my best interest if the board renewed my license. I've now been informed that I have no right to appeal because I apparently had no boxing license ? The reason I would like to return to boxing is to provide for my Family and win another World Title . I would appreciate if you could take the time to sign the petition, 

Thanks, God Bless.