Paint British Airways Boeing 747-400 in RETRO Livery Before Retirement

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The Boeing 747 is probably the world's most iconic aircraft. With this aircraft being retired around the world in the last few years (United, Delta etc), and continuing to be retired in the short future, we believe every airline should send 'The Queen of the Skies' 747-400 off in style following 30 years of service globally, and innovating long-haul air-travel forever. 

Currently, there are 26 global airlines that fly one or more aircraft in Retro Colours (Source:

This includes Lufthansa, KLM, Qantas, Aeroflot, American Airlines, SAS and even Jet Blue! Each has their own unique story and history behind the livery. Unfortunately, British Airways does not have a single airframe in retro livery. Something we, and the aviation community is sad about, given that BAs previous liveries have been some of the most iconic in the world. 

British Airways is currently the last remaining airline with a substantial amount of passenger 747-400s in their fleet, operating up to 36 747-400s out of their hub airport London Heathrow. Here at BIG JET TV, we have actually heard from people who have flown in from around the world to London Heathrow to see BAs last remaining 747-400s in action. It's an incredible sight to see so many 747-400s being operated from Heathrow - and not one that will last much longer. 

We propose that British Airways paint one of their 747-400s in a Retro Livery. Preferably the BOAC Livery! Not only would this produce a lot of publicity for BA, but would give the respect due to what will be, when retired, the last 747-400 in airline passenger service. And who wouldn't want to see one of the most iconic aircraft in one of the most iconic liveries! How many people would book flights just to fly on the Retro BA 747 soon to be retired!

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