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Reform/Close Longhills Hostel

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Longhills Hostel in Speedwell Bristol is run by St Mungos a registered charity to help homeless people, which we can all agree is commendable, but drug and alcohol use, anti-social behaviour and an almost daily presence of the emergency services (almost always both at the same time) I believe staff are not doing enough to address these issues.

I have spoken to other residents and they told me how poorly the place is managed and how staff are not addressing certain issues in terms of drug use, drug abuse, crime, bullying, safeguarding people with complex needs - in one case recently a resident had told staff he was feeling suicidal, unfortunately that resident never got the help he required and committed suicide.

I have also spoken to neighbours who say that the hostel is making their lives a living hell, general anti-social behaviour, noise, consuming alcohol, criminal damage, which seems to happen 24 hours per day, and more so at night when people are trying to sleep.

I am a resident at Longhills and have seen firsthand the failings in how residents are treated with complex needs, bullying is rife, and in one case a resident with mental health problems is bullied for his benefit money when he is paid every fortnight, and has to go around asking for cigarettes and food after they have finished bullying him.

Staff are turning a blind eye to drug use on the property and there have been numerous incidents and arrests of residents for assaults on other residents, and arrests involving making threats with knifes, domestic abuse, assaults, possession of Class A drugs, criminal damage, anti-social behaviour, you can check the crime map for the BS57TZ area and contribute 90% or more being at this hostel, and crime in the area seems to be ridiculously higher than the average in Bristol especially around violent crime and anti-social behaviour and drugs. 

I live in one of the flats outside, unfortunately (or in this case fortunately) I struggle to sleep, as the noise levels are at times unbearable, police and ambulances here all of the time, people shouting to and from windows (sometimes trying to acquire drugs or drug paraphernalia amongst other things)

More support needs to be put into place to stop anti-social behaviour at the hostel and give neighbours their lives back! and dramatic reform at the hostel in addressing and helping people with substance abuse problems, and putting the safety and concern of residents to the top of the list. There needs to be a zero tolerance when it comes to drugs and alcohol, bullying and crime in general and more strict punishments for residents who fail to abide by the rules or license of the hostel.

Sign this petition and send me your thoughts and opinions on the hostel if you live nearby or your friend/relative lives here.

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