The Broadway Hotel - Woolloongabba QLD

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 The Broadway Hotel - the tale of an announced fire. 

Despite calls from the community for closer attention to be paid to the heritage listed Broadway Hotel in Woolloongabba, another devastating fire has struck again.

The community would like to see a full and independent investigation aiming at clarifying whether the owners of the building had complied with the requirements of the council to keep the property secured to prevent
vandalism and unsafe conditions that may have led to this fire.

Community members have repeatedly seen and reported wide open gates that allow direct access to the back of the property that was unsecured. After the second fire, members of the community have also alerted council for the possibility of a third fire due to negligence.

There is a strong feeling amongst the Woolloongabba and the Brisbane community that the owner of the site has deliberately neglected it, in order to make sure it would not get resurrected.

As the Broadway Hotel is heritage listed the community believes BCC should make all in the necessary efforts to investigate this fire and to make sure this space goes back to the community. We would like to see the Broadway re-built to its former glory and no new development should be allowed on that site.

Woolloongabba Community Action Group