Return The Lake to its former Beauty, clean it out, remove Ibis, repair Infrastructure.

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We the Residents of Forest Lake demand Brisbane City Council to take action concerning "The Lake" in Forest Lake Brisbane.

The Lake requires cleaning on a major Level to remove harmful Algae, weeds, and Pest fish, as well as better filtration to clear the water to its former glory, and continue to keep it that way forever.

The Parks and pathways surrounding the Lake also require attention in the form of Maintenance. Alot for the Infrastructure is rotting or has decayed and requires repair, Items need upgrading, or to be maintained more regularly. One area has been fenced of for over a year now and is overgrown, due to BCC having not rehabilitated it as was intended.

The Ibis population requires relocation from the lake to a remote area, as they have devastated most of the trees, and wildlife around the lake, and are causing a public nuisance, due to there repulsive smell.

More Lighting is required around the Lake for night time walking and other popular frequent activities attended by local residents.

The Emergency Location signage around the Lake needs to have GPS Coordinates placed on them with a you are here locator, so that persons in trouble can quote this information to 000 Emergency dispatchers, or have Emergency Call Points attached to them that call through to Policelink etc, as well as Markers on the pathways showing how far away each Emergency Point is.

More rubbish Bins need to be installed around The Lake, and surrounding area, to prevent littering in the area.