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Personal Safety Reflectors in Brisbane

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One simple Finnish invention can possibly prevent pedestrian road fatalities at nighttime. On Australian playgrounds, it's common to hear "No hat, no play." The corresponding safety item in Finland is the Personal Safety Reflector. In most European countries, you are required by law to wear safety reflectors. 

Personal safety reflectors significantly increase the safety of pedestrians, joggers, cyclists and other road users during the night. It has been proven that with a reflector, your visibility at nighttime increases by up to 400 metres. 

When walking on the streets during the night with my friends after a night out at the movies or something like that, I never give it a second thought that an oncoming vehicle might not be able to see me, one of my friends or anyone really. Having recently travelled to Norway with my family, where reflectors are a must, I already had a reflector attached to my bag and jacket but I seemed to be the only one. 

When you hear 'Reflector' you probably picture those obnoxiously bright neon orange/yellow vests or signs. Personal safety reflectors don't always look like this (But if you want to wear one of those I won't stop you). Safety reflectors are usually a small, but effective, keychain or sticker you attach to your clothes and/or bag and can actually be stylish I promise. 

With this petition I am hoping to get Personal safety reflectors to be part of the norm and to make them a compulsory item in Brisbane and eventually the whole of Australia. 

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