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Started by Kate Robertson

MONSTER CHILDCARE CENTRE TO BE BUILT IN ALGESTER, please have your say and stop this monstrosity from being built and destroying our lovely neighbourhood.

Click this link to see detailed plans and proposal.[0]=AZUEh9gQ6m-dokMD_htiZ1GtL_G9De0USqNYOJSqpH6gpXR_HG6Xv09mR8KMuXtVOt5pB1ekFd2AowPjtmxL3X_rTqwj2kswRmS-qJHjuzHsn_q_yFpOU5AioB2ReLEjOKY4LNWZi7o4dOt7ThPFxGuJ&__tn__=-UK-R

This proposed development is over 2 house blocks on very busy RIDGEWOOD ROAD near our schools, plans are to demolish 2 large homes and swimming pools.

– 100 children
– two storey in height
– 2 elevated outdoor play area
– Areas of undercover play area
– 7 activity rooms
– Acoustic treatments 
– 20 car parking spaces - Not nearly enough with 12+ staff 

10+ Reasons why we should say no to this development!

  • Algester is zoned residential low density housing, we don't want or need any noisy commercial businesses moving in and destroying the peace or the beauty of our lovely neighbourhood. 
  • Months of demolition and building, This will mean major disruption with extremely noisy earthmoving equipment, loud power tools, large trucks and dust and dirt everywhere .Building sites operate from 6:00am till 6:00pm Monday to Saturday.
  • Ridgewood Road is already a very busy road close to 2 schools, traffic is particularly heaving before and after school. Cars and bus's already fight to get through, emergency vehicles wouldn't be able to get through
  • 200+ per day additional vehicle trips will cause more delays, and  make it difficult for residents to get out of their driveways and side streets. 
  • Danger for pedestrians and school aged children,  Increased traffic will cause safety issues for school children crossing nearby roads. St Stephens doesn't have school pedestrian crossing due to existing issues with heavy traffic flow.
  • Potential parking issues , They only have 8 parks for parents, more cars parking on Helicia Street and surrounding side streets.
  • The noise, the hours of operation will be from 6:30am - 6:30pm, no one nearby will have any peace. 100+ kids all paying outside at the same time. A nightmare for shift workers and the elderly.
  • Increased noisy and smelly trade and delivery vehicles extra noisy rubbish trucks collecting multiple times a week,
  • Unnecessary, There are more than enough established childcare centres 16+ within 5km radius, this will heavily impact on their businesses too.
  • Privacy, a two story commercial building of this size built very closely & over looking established homes will unfairly impact on residents right to privacy and mental wellbeing.
  • We have a housing shortage no homes should be demolished

Two very important things you can do to help is: sign and share this petition and please head to council website to make a "properly made submission" opposing the development by clicking this link

202 have signed. Let’s get to 500!