Bring Yourself to Work Day

Bring Yourself to Work Day

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Dara Simkin started this petition to Big Business in Australia

Over the last several months we’ve been working tirelessly on our national “Bring Yourself to Work Day” campaign to raise awareness around the importance of feeling safe to bring our whole selves to work. But with the CORVI-19 situation, now just isn’t the right time. 

We need to keep our people safe, and take precautionary measures like, "Don't Bring Yourself to Work".

The reality is that this will be isolating for many. In due time, we’ll all need a day to regroup and reconnect with our colleagues, to revel in the joy of being surrounded by people.

We'll be launching the campaign when the time is right. So please, watch this space and sign our petition to be notified of the launch. 

This gives us more time to share the message, connect with our supporters and give this campaign the attention it deeply deserves. 

Please take deep breaths and look after yourself and the people you care about. We need to be conscious of what is happening and do our best to stay calm to make informed decisions.

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Bring Yourself to Work Day is a day where professionals, from across Australia, come together to celebrate the uniqueness of being who we are -  human. 

Let us have the courage to rise up against bureaucracy, status and ego to step into our own authenticity and humanity. Let's speak up, ask for help and genuinely connect with each other to allow ourselves to be truly seen.

Hiding our emotions, suppressing parts of our vibrant personalities and pretending to be something we're not feeds the current crisis of unsafe, untrusting and unhealthy workplaces where there is a lack of compassion...meaning we can't be our best selves, do our best work or build real connections with the people we work with. 

This directly impacts our economy, and more importantly on our mental health and wellbeing. Aussie businesses spend $10 billion a year on stress-related mental health claims.

It takes compassion, commitment and courage for our organisations and leaders to create environments where this is possible. By signing this petition you say, YES WE CAN. 

We're trying to reach 10,000 signatures to convince the biggest business groups of Australia to make Bring Yourself to Work Day an official day at your work.

Imagine what would be possible if, collectively, we loved coming to work. If we trusted our leaders and our coworkers because it was safe to be ourselves. This is the world of work we hope to see, and by signing this petition, you're helping to take action towards making this a reality.  

0 have signed. Let’s get to 200!
At 200 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!