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Bring Restorative Justice to All Shelby County Schools! #EDUCATIONNOTINCARCERATION

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Many students are funneled out of public schools and into juvenile and criminal justice systems through policies like zero tolerance, minor infractions of school rules, and criminalization by school staff.

These actions lead to a process called the school to prison pipeline. The school to prison pipeline primarily affects students of color, those with low income, those with learning disabilities, and those who are LGBTQ+.

Students are punished and isolated without the consideration of additional education and counseling services instead they are punished and pushed into prisons.This affects high school students down to Pre-Kindergartners.

Shelby County Schools has the highest percentage of black students suspended throughout Tennessee.
Shelby County Schools also has the second highest percentage of students suspended overall in Tennessee.

The only solutions that most people see to these types of problems are punishment + isolation.

Restorative Justice Practices are a series of responses to conflict and violence. Instead of punishment, they focus on mediation, counseling, teaching non-violent conflict resolution, and other methods that emphasize community-building and reparations. Through Restorative Justice, schools become safer places where students are respected as humans and consequently are better able to learn. Sign this petition to affirm that Restorative Justice practices should be brought to all Shelby County Schools. Sign this petition to affirm that all young people deserve peace and education.

Our goal is to pass and implement a restorative justice policy and training for all staff of SCS to go through by spring 2018. By signing our petition you will be apart of making changes to rethinking the practice of suspensions + expulsions in SCS and what the new policy will look like.


THIS PETITION IS BEING SPONSORED BY EDJ. EDJ IS A YOUTH-LED CAMPAIGN FOCUSED ON BRING EDUCATIONAL JUSTICE TO MEMPHIS THROUGH THE LENS OF STUDENTS WHO ARE EXPERIENCING OUR EDUCATION SYSTEM THE MOST. The greatest stakeholders in education are students. We believe that education can never reach its potential without the input of students, whose investment is necessary to their engagement. Furthermore, young people have a unique knowledge and perspective because they are currently students in schools. Without this unique knowledge and perspective, attempts at changing education are lacking critical and insightful information.

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EDJ (Bridge Builders Educational Justice) needs your help with “Bring Restorative Justice to All Shelby County Schools! Reducing Suspensions, Detentions, and Expulsions #EDUCATIONNOTINCARCERATION”. Join EDJ (Bridge Builders Educational Justice) and 249 supporters today.