Bring 'NEXT GENERATION SCIENCE STANDARDS' to all school curriculums across the country.

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Our goal is to ensure Kindergarten to 12th graders will learn about the subject, and by this, be able to understand the direct implications human actions have to our environment, such as the release of greenhouse gases from burning fossil fuels.

In recent years, there have been major controversies on whether climate science should be a requirement in school curriculums. In fact, several states have attempted to weaken or block new teaching standards that include information on climate science.

The reality is that only 19 states have adopted the right treatment for climate in science education, which only represents 35% of the entire student body in the US.

Unfortunately, most states are handling climate change in a much more inaccurate and misleading way. Some mention it but don't link human activities to its rise. Others, do not mention climate change at all. 

Sign today and bring climate education to all American schools.

Understanding the science behind climate change is the first step to act on it.