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I like many of you have been disappointed in the pledge option being removed from the pledge option was a great way of sharing ideas, campaigns and raising awareness about many matters and petitions. I used the pledge option to gather more signatures for my petitions hosted on care2 and it worked immensely. As many of you share the same disappointment as me I urge you to sign the petition below asking to reinstall the pledge option, and please do not forget to forward to friends and family.




Update from the Community Manager:


Hi everyone,


So, about 3 weeks ago, I was brought on as the new Community Manager for One of the very first things that landed in my inbox was a request to "Bring Back the Pledge!". In the spirit of "drinking our own KoolAid", we can't let the petition go unanswered.


So, I did some digging and some asking around, and we are indeed going to be bringing back the Pledge. It's not going to happen over night as we are re-building it better, faster and stronger, but it will return.


From now on, I'm also here for you any time you have a question, suggestion or problem. Just email me at, send me a private message through the site, or stop by our new help desk at - I read everything that gets sent to all three places.


Thanks again for your feedback, we'll do our best to get the Pledge back in as soon as possible.


Justin - Community Manager




Letter to
CEO - Ben Rattray
The world's platform for change
I like many are disappointed in your move towards removing the pledge option from The pledge option was a great way of sharing ideas, campaigns and raising awareness about many causes and petitions. We feel that your site will become more popular and many more people will join if you reinstall this option to us. Non-profit accounts still seem to have this option however, us as individual change makers want to be able to create pledges and get our friends and family to pledge. The pledge is what made you so different and better than many other “cause sites”. We hereby hope you will take our feelings about this matter on board and reinstall the pledge option to individual change makers.

Thank you for your wonderful site and giving us the opportunity to make the world a better place,

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