Bring Back the Dislike Counter on Youtube!

Bring Back the Dislike Counter on Youtube!

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There is now a Chrome extension that restores dislike button:




December 15, 2021 is the day we liberate Youtube from censorship by Google LLC.  With their official implementation of the removal of dislike counts, it will allow scams, clickbait and harmful content. To respond to the silencing of our voices, we shall officially boycott YT ads and stop giving us our money. Censorship of our voice should NOT be tolerated. We will no longer watch ads until Youtube gives us our voices back. 

For Google Play Users: Since Google owns the play store, you won't find any good mobile ad block for YouTube on the store, all the adblockers are not the app but rather the website. Hence, you should download YouTube Vanced:

For App store users, Google has taken down thousand of apps from the store with menaces and its pretty hard to find an adblock app. However, I found YouTube ++:

For PC Users: There are tons of adblocks extensions on the Chrome store! 


The Youtube dislike button is one of the distinguishing features of Youtube and has helped keep integrity and accountability of the platform. The button has allowed people to signal scams and bad videos. Without it, creators could create ''tutorials'' and make people download viruses, then they would delete all the negative comments to make it seem like the video is well. This could lead to desastrous consequences. 

This decision also highly encourages clickbait since people will watch misleading videos without knowing that the video is clickbait since they cannot see the dislike button. I honestly have seen noone being happy about this outrageous decision. 

This is the communities' reaction:

"This is very bad, i remember looking for chapters of the Witcher because i got stuck in a part, the only way to know if the video isnt a complete waste of time is through the dislikes" - Eduardo Izbuela

"There is a high volume of terrible tutorial videos that waste time and never actually answer the question or offer a useful solution. Seeing a high dislike ratio is a good indicator that these videos are not helpful and saves time, giving the viewer a chance to find a different and better tutorial video." - Joe

"This is in response to YouTube’s PTSD over their Rewind 2018 video being the most disliked video on YouTube. The answer was clear: we are the problem, the user is the problem." - Digital Shady

"ok this has officially gone too far, we need some god to make the world a new video platform where where the community actually have a say in matters like this"- Hugo

"Yeah I'm so confused about this. Not only does it look awful but to not be able to know the quality of a video before you watch it is very annoying" - Gaarando.

Without further adue, I am asking Google LLC to give us back the Youtube button, it is one of their worst decision and will ruin the site. 

How can we fight back?

 1. UNSUBSCRIBE from Youtube Premium, you should not support (especially financially support) a company that does not care about its audience. I also heard that there are also adblocks on the Chrome store that can do the same thing. 

2. Sell NASDAQ:GOOGL stock with the same principle in mid, you should not support this kind of practices. Youtube has not listened to its community and we are tired of it. 

3. Be vocal on their pages (this is the least efficent method but worth a try)

4. And lastly, sign this petition! 


0 have signed. Let’s get to 25,000!
At 25,000 signatures, this petition becomes one of the top signed on!