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Bring Back Old Potterworld

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Please spread the message. This includes writing on Enjin, writing to your discord friends or similar. If you choose to sign this, do know that you are anonymous unless you use your name. You do not need to use your real name, use a fake one if you desire, or your RP name.

has changed throughout the years. We have gained many fantastic updates while a few others that have truthfully caused controversies. As with every video game or anything in life, change is inevitable. Potterworld has always been in the “beta” stage, and still is. For this reason every time something that may of gone “sour” during an update or similar, it would be pointed at the fact that this great server is a beta. That we are learning as time goes on. This holds truth but at a certain point one needs to look back to see if the change was actually worth it. It is important to know if means justify the end..

Over the years many players of Potterworld have come and sadly a large number are gone. There are always countless reasons for this but a common one I see and even experience is the direct result of the change. Not every time is everything going to be perfect in the execution of these updates. Just like other games this is normal, this is part of the process. Sometimes however, it is worth looking back before we can move forward. In recent times I have witnessed and even experienced times where often I wanted to go back. Back to old housing, back to player shops. Back to the old lore the lore directly with harry potter and not so much focused on how unique it can be. I have done my best to express my view to those who would listen, I know that I am not alone and this feeling is shared among a silent majority of players no longer with us.

It shouldn’t surprise anyone that the upcoming updates to Potterworld are creating quite the controversy, something not everyone asked or really even desire. It will create an even greater separation of the “Potter” in Potterworld focusing more on magic. This update will likely be fantastic. I am sure plenty of people even those who may be against the changes think so too. So many hours of planning, coding and testing will and are currently being done to ensure this is a success. This isn’t Potterworld though. At least, not the Potterworld we joined, the reason why many of us during the earliest days joined and helped contribute to it. This new patch of updates may be great however, I didn’t choose this; this isn’t the Potterworld I joined. The same could be said for the countless people I have interviewed about this same situation. As Droobledore had mentioned during the Q/A everything before this big update will be what lead to it. The real Potterworld begins after the big updates. This isn’t the right thinking though.

People didn’t join Potterworld in the hopes that some big update that would massively change the core game play would happen. They joined because they loved the server right then and there. That was and continues to be Potterworld to them. Not everyone thinks this way, and I am not going to pretend to say they do. I do know that a large number of people who helped make Potterworld what it is today do think this though, and they are pretty unhappy that they were given no choice in the matter about this or even other recent updates.

Now to the title of this. Potterworld Legacy, the reason you are here. As mentioned above, people want the choice, they want options. Potterworld Legacy is the answer to this. Potterworld Legacy is a copy of PotterworldMC from late 2015 (depending on whatever is most stable). This will co-exist another ‘product’ of Potterworld as it were. So much will change in the upcoming months on Potterworld and as mentioned above, people want a choice, and a way to have another choice.

You may be asking, “Has Potterworld done something like this before?”. Actually yes. Potterworld Survival was a fairly successful test of this notion it allowed players to go into this magical “past” as it were to play survival with magic. It was quite popular and had it been regularly updated and given more attention to, it could of had some real potential. It was a wonderful test just to see how something like this could exist.

Potterworld Legacy would exist in very much a similar way. For Potterworld Survival one would use a timeturner to get from one ‘era’ to another. The same or a similar method could be done as well. This will allow for full transparency between the two (Modern Potterworld, and 2015 Potterworld).  


Server Staff:
It is important to note that the staff on this server should be separate (just like survival was). A Prefect on Legacy wouldn’t be a Prefect on the modern server. This would overtime include a separate set of head of houses and so on. This will also allow for users who may not really play the modern Potterworld to still help PotterworldMC in the best way possible. This would also allow for Legacy to maintain itself and self-govern.

Extra Development Time:
It shouldn’t come to a shock with the upcoming changes to main Potterworld that the developers are busy. This is why paying an investment to be able to get his project up and running, and updating all the 2015 plugins to be current with the current Minecraft version that Potterworld is running is very important.

If Legacy is an accepted idea and I am willing to offer up 500 USD of my own money to make sure this happens. I am sure others will also be willing to pay smaller amounts that will equal an overall larger sum. This money can be used as seen fit, like maintaining the server if people do not buy from the shop right away or to pay the developers for the “overtime” they will be doing for this.

This also leads us to the recurring costs:

Server Costs:
It is no surprise that this will add extra server costs to the overall payment for Potterworld. Therefore it is smart that Legacy should have a store of items that existed in 2015 and even add the new items that are related to the relevant changes. An Idea is also to have legacy have its very own unique set of items that modern Potterworld doesn’t offer. This will allow for Potterworld Legacy to make enough money to stay online. It should be noted that buying something on the legacy server even if it exists in modern Potterworld doesn’t mean it will transfer over. Both accounts are completely separate. It should be noted that it is very possible that this will allow Legacy to independently create its own profit Potterworld itself which will fund future projects.

Return Of Old Features/Plugins:
Legacy will see the return of many features that were made obsolete, or were later replaced with possibly questionable alternatives. Potterworld will always be the main server. It will always have more players, and one cannot ever expect Legacy to even catch up to main Potterworld. This allows for ‘legacy’ plugins like player shops, old housing, old trading and of course the return of actual leader based faction roleplay (dark lord and so on).


With talking about old housing, everyone will agree is that new housing is for sure better as far as overall growth of the server. This isn’t what legacy will be about though, it is about enjoying the features of the past. The idea of having a house that had standards to stick on point with lore or being able to pass an entire row of neighbors on the way to your house is something that appeals to so many people both current and past. There are plenty of changed to houses that could be done this time that were not in the past to ensure the problems of the past do not happen again. This includes, rentable plots instead of buyable, only allowing active players to maintain a house.


It shouldn’t go without saying that ever since the marketplace was made, the economy has really gone down the drain. This will of course be probably fixed in the upcoming updates but as confirmed, shops will never return as they were. Shops was one if not THE most popular feature among things for people to do. The great appeal of just running around for hours and exploring the wonderful architecture of our very creative students and how they created wonderful shops. This isn’t possible now. Even with the updates coming up with selling items at our houses  it will will never be like before as confirmed.


Copyright is a major concern in the current Potterworld. During recent events in real life that Warner Brothers got involved, (Voldemort Origins Of The Heir), it was proven that copyrighted terms can be legally used in the specific case of non profit. What this means is clear as day. The only times copyright is “broken” is if Legacy specifically uses copyrighted names, terms and similar in the direct result of making a profit. This means that the ONLY names that need to change or lore changes are items inside the Potterworld Legacy Shop on the Legacy website. This means a large number of the recent name changes on regular Potterworld will not have to happen. This will allow for the community to stick closer to the lore and less about being unique like modern Potterworld.


Starting from Scratch, Brand new Economy (rares):
It should be worth noting that it should be fairly obvious that everything will have to begin new. Everyone will begin as a student again with no money, no shops. Shops will also not return for at least several months to allow an economy based on minigames, and potions to be created. This will also see a very welcome change and will allow extra time required to make sure the shop plugin is perfectly either exactly how it used to be or an acceptable replacement is made in this time. As polls listed below are made different changes will be able to be made to ensure this economy strengthens over time. To ensure that this economy doesn’t end up like the last one a “Head of Magical Commerce” along with the magical commerce department will be created or similar depending on what is wanted for the naming. This role(s) will be kept up by the experts of the economy both of the past, present and future to be able to effect different non automatic inflation standards based on overall player demand. They will also help with ensuring what potion ingredients should be more rare and why. This will is the most vital to the entire economy lest we will be back to how modern Potterworld is today with having to completely scrap the current economy. Rares and rare items will possibly still be a thing, but at the same time a healthy economy would be to limit them. Items that were rares in the past might be re-released in future holiday events and possibly tradable. This will be entirely community voted if it is deemed appropriate.

Updates to the legacy server are meant to be scarce because the entire point is to relive the past. As mentioned above though, life is all about change. When this change happens it is better to allow the community to determine what this change might be. Polls would allow for this. No more will surprise updates that no one wanted ever happen. As updates that introduce new or take out old will be voted on with a winner of over 75%. This allows for a clear majority. This will ensure that if people want updates, they will happen but no more random surprises and nothing people didn’t vote for first.

Other Games that have tried this:
A video game a large number of the older (age) generation of Potterworld members played during their past called “RuneScape” went through something exactly like this. In 2012 a major update saw the overall change to how a large majority of the game worked and not everyone agreed with this. The response was something never seen before in a video game community. A petition was created and within months an older version of the game from 2007 was launched and continues to do great today. It wasn’t just nostalgia. The players knew exactly what they wanted and a good amount of former and current players think this same way for the new changes coming to Potterworld.

It is easy to say to just accept change and hope for the best. The best days of Potterworld are very possibly not even here yet. It doesn’t matter. I know what I want, and that is to go back to the Potterworld that I fell in love with. The reason I have stayed with it for years no matter what happened. I will for sure give this new update a chance but I will never see it as true Potterworld.

Thank you for reading this, the creation of this isn’t just my thoughts but also express countless others I have shown this to before I even post this and fully agree. I urge the reader of this (you) to sign the petition. It doesn’t matter if you agree with everything. That is the entire point, you have the right to express your opinion. It doesn’t matter if you will not even play this. Sign the petition knowing that you are creating happiness among a rather concerned community of players to enjoy a future that would otherwise be not possible.

The chances are slim even with the numbers and I am not going to pretend that this is likely to be accepted. But sign it because it might. Otherwise you won’t know. Otherwise none of us will ever return to where our true home on Potterworld is. Otherwise it will just be a memory. Let the memory live on and shine in this new server.



From the bottom of my heart and those who helped create this,
Thank You.



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