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Bring Back Black-Money

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Indian Black Money in Swiss Bank List


WikiLeaks posted in the website that –

Indian money in Swiss Banks is more than any other nationality. The list regarding their names, amount and other details is as per the list herebelow. The major share is from India. The source of income is from project hedge, illegal share in stock market, drug deal, fake project. The deposits in Swiss Bank was started from early 70s. Major share of Indian black money routed from Pakistan. The Indian government needs to be more aggressive in tracking the black money stashed in foreign banks since Indians depositing money in foreign banks is debasing the rupee.


The list as published by Wikileaks is in the Picture attached alongwith this note !!!


See picture - SWISS BANK INDIAN BLACK MONEY ACCOUNT HOLDERS LIST (As published by Wikileaks)

$1.4 Trillion India's Black Money Stashed in Swiss Banks


According to the data provided by the Swiss bank, India has more black money than rest of the world combined.


India topping the list with almost $1500 Billion black money in swiss banks, followed by Russia $470 Billion, UK $390 Billion, Ukraine $100 Billion and China with $96 Billion.


The money which belongs to the nation and it’s citizens, is stashed in the illegal personal accounts of corrupt politicians, IRS, IPS officers and industrialists. An amount which is 13 times larger than the nations foreign debt. Every year this amount is increasing at a rapid speed but the Indian government seem to be silent over this matter from a very long time. The total black money accounts for 40% of GDP of India, if all the money comes back to India then that could result in huge growth burst for India.


By bringing back the black money back to the country there is so much which can be done for the development of the nation and the people who live below poverty line. India will also be able to clear all their foreign debts in 24Hrs. Even if all the taxes are abolished, the government can maintain the country easily for 30 years.


It’s been found that about 80 thousand people travel to Switzerland every year of whom around 25 thousand travel frequently. Those travelling on regular basis must be doing it for some reason.


The Indian government needs to take some serious steps to get the money back to India which is stashed in Swiss banks. They should work to find out the names of account holders in Swiss banks and also pressurize Swiss bank to get the black money back to the country. This has also become a matter of pride of nation and if the government still keeps silence about this issue then they will only be making themselves a laughing stock for the entire world.


Many Indian companies and rich Indians, such as cricketers and filmstars, were using tax havens line for banking.


US government is the only government which is serious about ending tax evasion and other illegal activities surrounding banking in tax havens. Swiss banks have started providing information to US authorities of American citizens who hold accounts with them.


The Indian Government should also take lesson from the US Government action taken against Black Money and corruption. India needs to take serious action against these issues as they are a great threat to the national security and the nation's economy.


If action is not taken very fast, this booming Black Money Demon will eat away the nation's economy and will cripple the health of this great nation forever !!!


If Black money returns:

Do u know what will happen if 1,456 Lakhs Crores comes back.

1. India Financially No.1

2. Each district will get 60000 crores & each village will get 100 Crores

3. No need to pay taxes for next 20 yrs.

4. Petrol 25 Rs, Diesel 15 Rs, Milk 8 Rs.

5. No need to pay electricity bill.

6. Indian borders will become stronger than the China Wall.

7. 1500 Oxford like Universities can be opened.

8. 28,000 kms Rubber road (like in Paris ) can be made.

9. 2,000 hospitals (with all facilities) all medicine Free.

10. 95 crore people will have their own house. etc etc.

Youth must think if Swiss Bank alone have such money, there are more than 1000 banks like Swiss bank... What if all oyur money will come back to India.. the solution is in our hand.

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