Helping immigrants find jobs sooner through point system

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Canada's point system is quite flawed.  It has many indirect faults that affects jobs and opportunities, since many migrants don't find success in Canada as a result of the notions set by the point system.  Long term residents (+4 yrs) are still unemployed or are overqualified for their current jobs; 68 % of migrants are overqualified, (for e.g. if an individual has a master's in math but works at MacDonald's).  This is a result of the system's bias towards education (degrees, master's etc.) since this category is worth 25%.  Many migrants with degrees don't apply with job offers and a minimum of 67 points is needed for residence.  However, masters or PhD's will surely make up for the lack of job offers (PhD's are worth 25 points).  The point system also doesn't avail foreign experience; the value dropped from 21 to 15 points and only 41% of migrants were chosen due to experience. 

So, I am making this petition for the Canadian government to consider decreasing the value of education, and increasing the value of job experience in the point system of Canada.