Only Eco Friendly Ganapatis be allowed

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Year after year we celebrate the Ganapati festival with so much vigor & joy. The same festival is killing our oceans and marine life. The idols also get washed in pieces the next day on the beaches. How can we put a god on a pedestal and then let it wash over on our feet? This is hypocrisy on both ends. We must not allow environment harming materials to be used in the idol making. 

Thousands of marine life has washed over to the shores this year. The plaster of paris, lead, paint, jewellery used in the idol making are killing our marine life. This cannot keep happening. This needs to stop now. Beaches are being cleaned after the festival but dirty beaches is not the source of the problem. Let's just stop this. Stop using POP for this one festival.

Ganpati is the god of intelligence and here we are behaving unintelligently since so many years. This needs to stop, especially now, when the whole world is cleaning oceans. 

Our environment, our oceans, our marine life is as much important to our survival as is our faith. So let's stop now before it's too late. 

ganpati bappa morya pudhchya varshi lavkar ya