Make East Brighton Park safe for all users!

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East Brighton Park is currently a much neglected part of Brighton & Hove. It has lots of space, some of it used by a Caravan Site and Whitehawk Football Club. Aside from that it is used by loads of people in various ways. To walk their dog, to play football, to play cricket or tennis. Children use the play area. People have picnics or just to chat. It also has a cafe which sadly is currently closed.

I used to take my dog, Bootsie, for her daily 'off lead' exercise there. Occasionally there were problems because people didn't like dogs or she would scamper off after a ball. I thought then that it would be great to have a fenced off, designated dog area in the park. I was rather concerned about the road that ran through the park as well. There were no speed restrictions on it, aside from a couple of speed bumps near the cafe area.

My dog was killed by a car doing 20+ mph in the park. Had the driver been going at 5 mph when he hit Bootsie, she would have been hurt but he would not have collapsed both her lungs and died. She was 2.5 years old, a Patterdale who had lived in 7 different houses before she came to me. She was friendly, inquisitive and full of the joys of life.

We need a safe area in the park for all dogs to have their daily 'off lead' time which is essential for the physical and mental development of all dogs. We also need a 5 mph speed limit from the entrance to the park on all the roads there. This has to be signposted and enforced.