A Fair Appeal for Inês

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According to local news, the testimony of the accused, and evidence received from anonymous sources, Brigham Young University—Hawai'i is suspending Inês Almeida for leaking security footage that documented the assault of a female classmate. During the attack on campus, BYUH security was notified, but failed to respond. Honolulu Police Department was contacted as well. After several days, with the perpetrator of the assault remaining at large and on campus, and fearing for her classmate's safety, Almeida contacted the victim's family and included footage of the attack. The University claims this was done in violation of their Security Camera Usage Policy. Inês appealed the ruling three times to University administration, but was denied. Her student visa is being terminated (a measure that will greatly complicate her return eligibility) and she is being sent home to her native Portugal on Tuesday, May 22, 2018 with a one-year suspension from classes.

Brigham Young University—Hawai'i (BYUH) has failed to respond to multiple requests for an official response on the suspension and any of the events surrounding the issue. Inês claims she did not receive any formal training on the Security Camera Usage Policy, nor did she sign a confidentiality or privacy agreement from BYUH, which is what university officials are citing as a violation of the Honor Code and hence cause for her dismissal. Inês is two semesters away from finishing a student teaching certificate.

Since the University has never provided training on the policy, and both campus and local security measures failed to protect the victim from the assault, Inês was placed in an incredibly difficult situation and pursued her only perceived path to protect the victim by sharing evidence of the attack that was not being addressed by the established channels.

By signing this petition, you are asking the BYU—Hawai'i administration not to suspend her student visa or take any action towards termination until a full investigation can be done and a fair appeal process can be completed.

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