Requesting immediate removal of megastructure net illegally erected on Brielle property.

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During the Summer of 2018, the owner of property at 836 Riverview Drive in Brielle erected a non-conforming roughly 65 feet high and 130 feet wide megastructure net adjacent to the 17th hole on the Manasquan River Golf Club golf course. The owner did this without any sort of request for approval or permitting from the town. Obviously, a structure of this magnitude is strictly prohibited under the building codes in the borough of Brielle. Furthermore, the structure has been installed alongside and into the bank of the Manasquan River, violating DEP/CAFRA regulations. The DEP has delivered a notice of violation to the homeowner and has its own case pending on this matter. It is the feeling of the residents of Brielle as well as the member-owners of the Manasquan River Golf Club and the Manasquan River Yacht Club that this illegal structure is unsightly, dangerous and harmful to the environment - both the river and the wildlife that inhabit the area (including the nesting bald eagles). The presence of this hideous mega-structure directly conflicts with the quaint and environmentally friendly image that the borough of Brielle prides itself on, as indicated on the borough’s own website.

This petition is made in support of the town’s pending hearing regarding the unlawful installation of the enormous, non-conforming net structure and requests the immediate removal of it.