Banning horse meat in Canada

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It had been brought to the attention of many Canadian horse lovers that there are restaurants selling horse meat on their menus. We want to put a stop to this as it is not neccessary. Cows, pigs, goats, chickens etc. have been raised for slaughter for decades, but horses have never been raised for that purpose. Horses are not meant to be taken advantage of for their meat, they are "war horses" They are gracious animals that are meant to live freely. The age or breed of these beautiful souls does not matter, they still have a purpose. Don't get me wrong, all animals have a purpose but horses have a different purpose I will speak for these souls, a stand needs to be taken in our country against this matter. Ban horse meat from Canada! Help spread the word! Save a life. We see horses all the time come and go because of illness, deformity and the overall result of over breeding. They deserve to live their life to the fullest like we do. Everyone deserves a second chance. I know people will have negative and positive comments but as a rescue and horse lover myself, we as a country need to put a stop to this horrendous treatment of such beautiful, majestic creatures. Please help take a stand with us!