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Tell General Mills to stop putting poison in our families cereal!

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General Mills is putting a very poisonous substance into cereal. It is called Trisodium phosphate, when I contacted GM this was their response,


We understand your frustration and would like to take this opportunity to clarify the situation.

Trisodium phosphate is FDA-approved and safely used in a wide variety of food products.

It is a water-soluble salt that helps adjust acidity.

It is used in other products as well, however the use and amounts are very different.

TSP itself is safe and the amount of TSP in cereals is tiny.

The very small amounts of trisodium phosphate used in a cereal product helps adjust the acidity of the cereal dough.

Actually, the trisodium phosphate does its work in the dough stage, and then mostly dissolves as the dough is made into cereal.

As a result, those who eat cereals consume very little – if any – TSP.

Thank you for taking the time to reach out to us."


Don't take it from me, google trisodium phosphate poisioning and see for yourself! This stuff is used to strip paint and General Mills is putting it into food our children eat and saying it "dissolves". That's no different than saying sugar dissolves out of cake batter. Please stand with me and let's get the poison out of General Mills cereals! 

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