Change Australia's laws on overseas dog adoption.

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My wife and I spent three weeks in Nepal this year, one of which was spent on volunteering at Kathmandu's largest animal refuge. Many of the dogs had been living on the street and mistreated. One of our primary goals was to interact and help in as many laborious ways as we could. 

Help we did, both financially and physically. It was one of the most rewarding experiences of our lives. Along the way we discovered an amazing pup, about eight months old, that was not only well behaved but also maintained healthwise by the brilliant onsite vetrenarian. I'll explain a little more about Kathmandu Animal Treatment Centre.

The Kathmandu Animal Treatment Centre was started almost 20 years ago by a UK citizen in an attempt to stop the local Government from killing street dogs because of the spread of Rabies Virus. In that time, KAT Centre is responsible for the completely privately funded reduction by almost 75% of Rabies in street animals, and the continued reduction in stray pregnancies by spaying any and all females brought to their attention.

Flash back to the beautiful young girl, rabies and distemper free that we so lovingly called "Nora", adoption to Australia was number ONE PRIORITY! However... begin solemn music... this was ALL but possible. 

Due to the Australian Government, the Department of Agriculture will not accept dogs directly from Nepal. Mainly due to the fact that Rabies is simply present. And if, IF, we were able to prove after sending the poor pooch from Nepal to an "approved" country for six months and a ridiculous amount of tests for Rabies, then we might be able to bring her into Australia... and home... after weeks of quarantine even after all that.

Fortunately, this said dog was actually adopted to a friend of ours in the USA, where laws are much more realistic and acceptable in circumstances like this. All it took was six weeks of foster care in her home country, where easily done blood tests proved health, and then off she went to the airport. 

Australian dog adoption laws are over the top, out of date, and downright ridiculous in many fear-mongering ways. The methods tried and true by proving a dog is healthy has been accepted by many first-world nations and Australia is not one of them. The requests and money required to appease them make it impossible for animal-loving people like my wife and myself from giving a comfortable home to one soul that deserves the best life.

Please help by signing this petition to change Australia's view of dogs from Nepal and update importation and health screening laws for dogs. The Titre Test over six months in an "approved" country is costly and ineffective. Many developed nations have much less tedious methods. Can we please change that, Australia?