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BRIAN STANN for President

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This election reveals the absurdity of our political system: Trump and Clinton are essentially the finalists in a bizarre reality show, run by two entrenched political parties using inane 18th century electoral rules, and are far from dream candidates. Our dream president would never be motivated by personal ambition or political calculations, but have the character and temperament to always put our nation’s interests first. This country desperately needs a real patriot-leader, possessing a strong sense of duty and service, whose honor and integrity are beyond reproach. Newsflash: such an all-American Superhero actually exists, and his name is Brian Stann!

Future President Stann is a decorated war hero, a chief executive, a devoted family man, and a charismatic communicator. You might know him as the President and CEO of Hired Heroes (a preeminent veteran service organization), or remember President Bush praising him for his valor in Iraq (he was awarded a Silver Star for fighting off an ambush attack for days, keeping all 42 Marines in his platoon alive). Sports fans watched him play Navy football, cheered him as a tough-as-nails MMA champion, and today recognize him as the UFC’s articulate and handsome color-commentator (the one with a full head of hair). In everything he’s done, Brian Stann has demonstrated courage, integrity, and complete dedication. He’s battle-tested, and nothing in the political arena could faze him. He can’t be corrupted, compromised or intimidated. He’ll never quit on his country, and never sell out its citizens. He’s untainted by the dirty political game, but is perfectly suited to perform the actual duties of the presidency:

1) Commander-In-Chief: President Stann would have unquestionable moral authority to send troops into harm’s way, and have the temperament to do so only for the right reasons. President Clinton would be great for defense contractors, a Trump presidency would be great for Trump’s ego, but Commander Stann would be great for the nation. He’d take care of our men and women in uniform, wouldn’t confuse military strength with military contractor profits, and no enemy would ever doubt his resolve. We know Brian Stann would: never manipulate facts or classify material for political purposes; never sacrifice military lives to secure a helpful perception during election season; and never allow the financial interests of political donors to affect life-or-death decisions of war. President Brian Stann would oversee the strongest (and hopefully healthiest) military the planet has ever seen, and would be trustworthy beyond reproach when engaging it.

2) CEO of the Federal Government: We trust that President Stann would set an agenda and make crucial decisions with integrity, rationality, and always in the best interests of the citizens (not favored political constituencies). We don’t need a lawyer or policy expert as president—we need a president who listens to policy experts instead of to pollsters and political operatives. We need a president with the courage to take command of the massive executive branch bureaucracies, and force them to work efficiently, transparently, and for the benefit of the citizenry. This is unthinkable to the political elites, but if we catapulted Brian Stann to the top of this monstrous political system, he could do precisely that. Only President Stann could look the American people in the eye and say: “Our mission is to make government work for you—not for political donors, not for vested interests, and not even for my own re-election chances.” That hasn’t happened in modern history. But it could.

3) National Leader, Communicator-In-Chief, and our Global Representative: If anyone has the character and charisma to unite this great country and inspire its citizens, it’s Brian Stann. This “Greatest Living American” would make us proud, and uphold the integrity of the Oval Office. We could honestly say to our 7 billion global neighbors: “Yes, our President does represent the very best of the United States.”

Whatever your current allegiance, please consider supporting Brian Stann for president. Trump fans: do you desire a charismatic, patriotic “man’s man,” and want a non-elitist, non-politician to shake things up in D.C.? Well, then Brian Stann’s your man. Hillary supporters: do you support rational, competent governance, and prefer a non-narcissist as our President? Well, Brian Stann is the furthest thing from a self-absorbed, power-hungry egomaniac, and he’s also your best bet if you desire rational governance and an end to politics-as-usual (with all due respect to Hillary, her administration will pursue the same primary objective as every other administration in modern history—her reelection). If you support Gary Johnson or Jill Stein, vote for them and sign this petition. If by some miracle this election is close AND you’re in a closely contested swing state, by all means vote for whomever you dislike least. Otherwise, write “Brian Stann” on your ballot, and send a message that that if we, the American citizens, could actually pick our president through a rational process, we would elect a citizen-hero like Brian Stann.


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