We want to change the living conditions of Nightingale Square temporary housing

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The temporary housing on Nightingale Square in Balham offers housing for families who are awaiting permanent housing. With the crippling housing in the UK, these families in temporary housing are being made to live in horrid and substandard accommodation for longer than they are meant to. Some residents have been there more than 3 years, 2 years longer than they are meant to be there. 

There is damp in the accomodation, infestation of rodents and cockroaches, floors are damaged due to leaks, broken furniture, no worktops to prepare food, and no playing area for the children. Residents are also not allowed broadband, making it impossible for them to study or work. These issues have been raised with Wandsworth Council, but sadly no action has been taken.

As a resident of Balham, and a former resident of this particular temporary housing, something needs to be done to make these family’s living conditions much better and bearable whilst they wait for permanent housing. Some residents and their children have health issues, and such abhorrent conditions only make things worse. Comfortable living is a basic human right, and nobody should be forced to live like this.