Help save Aries, he is being wrongfully accused! And county isn't following laws!

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A dog is being wrongfully accused because of the breed. A few weeks ago, on a Thursday a 4 year old walked through the woods to the neighbors house because mom drove down there and left him at home. According to mom the boy ran behind the female dog after mom pulled in driveway. The  female dog nipped the boy, he smacked her and she attacked, the mom said Aries then jumped on the female dog trying to protect the boy. He grabbed the female dog by the leg and started shaking her, which was also shaking the boy, the father said they both had the boy, but the mom was right there the whole time. The father was in the woods working with the land and dog owner. When the owners got to the scene .The female had blood all over, but the male had no blood.  The child had puncture wounds on his face which clearly couldn't have been Aries, he has no K9 teeth. The owner called 911 because the mother or father didn't and tried to help while waiting for 911. The mom gave the statement to one of the animal control officers, while the father went to the hospital with the boy! Animal control took the female and left. After all statements we're given, the owner of dog gave the mom of the boy a ride to the hospital. Aries was still with his owner. At least an hour later Animal control showed back up and took Aries even though the description of the dog didn't match what the father said, They said a black dog with brown spots. Aries is a white dog with black patches around the eyes ( He actually puts me in mind of dollar off Ritchie Rich).  Later they brought paperwork out to be signed Deeming him potentially dangerous. The owners signed the papers. Saturday they called and said they were Deeming them both dangerous. On Monday Roxy was put to sleep and Aries continued his 10 day quarantine at the family vets office. The law states you have to get an insurance on the dog . The owner had a $300,000 home owners insurance. But that wasn't what they wanted. They wanted them to take out a 3rd party insurance which is illegal in Arkansas. That insurance is for a dog deemed dangerous.They we're able to get the insurance on Monday right before Washington county Animal control picked him up.  The owners of Aries was never given a new contract to sign to change him from potentially dangerous to dangerous. They have followed every rule and regulation they we're suppose to and now they are refusing to give Aries back. They aren't going by the books and continue to give us the run around. The owners of Aries has spent thousands to try to save him because they know he is NOT GUILTY! Aries has been around many children for 8 years. I have watched this fur baby around tiny humans including the one who lives with him. I have watched her fall on him, step on him, crawl on him and he just lays there. I know he goes to the retirement homes and loves on the elderly. They all know him. He makes their day so much brighter when he visits. Aries has been to many homes with  male owner doing plumbing. Aries has been in home depot, Lowe's, tractor supply, the co-op and many other places. Aries lives on a farm. He has lots of livestock around him every day. , and he has protected the baby calves, pigs, and horses. If the owners believed Aries was dangerous they would have put him to sleep with the female. They wouldn't have spent all this money or jump through every hoop to save him. We  all know with all of our hearts he isn't a Dangerous dog! Everyone that meets Aries has fallen in love with him. The land owner has had many renters in that house, and has never had an issue. Please help us save Aries. 

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