For Maryland to seek legal action against Pennsylvania for negligence towards the Bay

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For years, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania has continuously failed to address their problem with polluting their waterways that flows south into the Chesapeake Bay. This neglect has had serious consequences towards Maryland, which has invested countless hours and billions of dollars (both public and private) towards the clean up of the bay. Much of this clean-up is in part due to the polluted runoff coming from Pennsylvania, as the Susquehanna River accounts for roughly 45% of the freshwater supply for the bay. The federal government's goals for Pennsylvania have shown that the commonwealth is staggering far behind her neighboring states, who have been able to see success in their restoration and preventative efforts. As the EPA and the federal government have both shown that they will largely take a step back from enforcing Pennsylvania to do their part, it is time for Maryland to take action. 

With this petition, we seek Maryland Attorney General, Brian Frosh, to begin the legal process for the state in a potential lawsuit with Pennsylvania for gross negligence. The state of Maryland has the right to challenge Pennsylvania before the Supreme Court under original jurisdiction, and claim damages against Pennsylvania for their negligence towards the Chesapeake Bay. Maryland has taken the necessary steps for protecting the Chesapeake, through the restriction of industry, agriculture, and development, as well as using tax-payer money towards cleaning the Bay. Without the proper cooperation from Pennsylvania, all of Maryland's efforts could be in grave jeopardy. 

By signing this petition, you are taking a stand for a state's right to have a clean and healthy bay. You are declaring to Pennsylvania to cease and desist from polluting a bay that Maryland is working hard to save, and instead to help in our valiant efforts. You are calling upon Maryland Attorney General Brian Frosh to begin building a case against Pennsylvania for their negligence. You are also requesting Governor Larry Hogan's administration and the rest of the Maryland state government to put more pressure on Pennsylvania for their water pollution. 

Let us stand together now as one Maryland, and declare in one voice: "Enough is enough."