Ban Animal Slaughtering

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Every hour, 6 million innocent animals are slaughtered for their meat, cheese, eggs, or horns. At this very moment, a baby chick is being born. If it is a female, she gets her beak chopped off in an assembly line and thrown into a cage barely big enough for her body and forced to pump out eggs until she cannot any longer, and is then killed. If it is a male, he gets thrown into a pile with all of the other males and either grinded up into nothing or sent down the assembly line to a trash bag. When the bag is full, it gets tied in a knot and thrown away. But it is not just them. Fish are caught by sticking a giant net at the end of a large boat and whatever gets in the net's path, gets sucked into it. Even though we may just be fishing for salmon, turtles, crabs, or other fish will most likely be sucked in as well. The creatures that are captured in the net get put into a line. The food companies try to tell you that they are saving the environment by searching for the marine wildlife that they were not trying to capture. But by the time that the workers start searching for the fish that they do not want, they have already had too much air in their lungs and they die. Why do we do this? Because we are selfish. Humans consume and destroy more than they create and improve. We can't change everything that is wrong with the world. But, banning the slaughter of animals is a pretty good start. We can save lives, rather than kill them. And in the end, consuming meat actually causes serious illnesses such as heart disease, cancer, and diabetes. Help me help the world. We are better than this. We can fix our mistakes, but we must act now.Join the movement or by 2048, there will be no more marine wildlife if we continue to fish in the way that we are.

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