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Stop The Sale of Puppies & Kittens in Minnesota Pet Stores

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We the people would like to see the sale of puppies and kittens banned in all Minnesota pet stores. These animals are coming from known mills and funding the suffering of their parents for profit as well as contributing to the problems we already have with overpopulation of dogs and cats.

The bottom line is this, thousands of homeless dogs and cats of all sizes, ages and temperaments are euthanized annually because there is simply an oversupply of animals. If we as a society perceive dogs and cats to be part of our families then we cannot uphold a double standard that also turns them into products. Pet stores violently defend their practices because they generate huge profit margins from the sale of puppies.

If you agree that puppies and kittens are not products, that they instead are living, breathing and emotional creatures that deserve a life free from the misery of being locked in a glass showcase and used for profit and a persons greed then please - do not support pet stores that sell animals & sign this petition to urge the State of Minnesota to change their bylaws in regards to selling animals commercially.  Many cities and states around the country have already done this.  Most recently the city of Roseville, MN just took steps to make this change.  Their vote was unanimous to ban the sale of non-rescue animals.  Thank you Roseville!  We strive to make Minnesota a better state not only for people but for animals as well.

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