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Let's keep parts of the Affordable Care Act

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With  a new president comes change.  Change is not bad but the change must be understood as to how it impacts the citizens of this country.   The Affordable Care Act (aka ObamaCare) ACA will be quickly reviewed, acted upon by the new administration.   There are three key parts of the ACA legislation that must be kept in force for the new proposed health plan. The following three things provide benefits to almost all Americans:  

1) Coverage caps:    Prior to the ACA legislation, most insurance plans capped insurance coverage at $1 million dollars.   The cap was removed under ACA.   For any catastrophic illness, $1 million dollars is not enough.  

We need the unlimited caps to remain.

2) Pre-Existing Conditions:   Pre-existing conditions was a major financial burden for anyone who attempted to purchase insurance after a health situation.   The monthly premiums were not affordable by most Americans.    ACA prohibited insurance companies from charging extra for pre-existing conditions.   We need the pre-existing condition language to stay in force with the new federal health plan.   

3) Permit a child to stay on parents health coverage to 26:  With increase college tuition, tight labor markets for our young adult children, our children do not need to burdened with health cost for anyone under the age of 26.    ACA currently allows for an adult child to stay on their parents insurance coverage until the age of 26.  Removing this will create undo hardship for anyone between the ages of 18 to 26.    We request this current age provision to be maintained in the new proposed legislation. 

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