Repeal Winnipeg's pit bull ban Bylaw #2443/79 Section 20.2(3)

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Julie Anna Smith, Cynthia Tobin
and the Remove Pit Bull Ban in Winnipeg (BSL) group on fb Started this petition to Mayor of Winnipeg Brian Bowman and all Winnipeg city councillors
We the undersigned agree that Winnipeg's BSL ( Breed Specific Legislation) or 'pit bull ban' should be repealed, and pit bull type dogs (and all breeds of dog) should be allowed within city limits. We believe no breed of dog is inherently dangerous and a better way to reduce the number of dog bites is to follow the example set by the City of Calgary and engage in educational programs, enact, strengthen and enforce leash laws, and strengthen and enforce penalties for irresponsible pet owners. We believe the Calgary Model is not only more effective at reducing the number of dog bite incidents, but is also more cost effective and more fair, as it punishes bad behaviour and not breeds. The Calgary Model has shown a 70% drop in the number of overall dog bites (statistic courtesy of Additionally, Winnipeg's breed ban has had no appreciable effect in reducing the number of reported dog bites. (Courtesy of