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Please help those who can't help themselves!!

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A Non profit animal shelter in Michihgan, "No place like home" actually encourages the death of pit bulls!! They post about killing them on all social medias, they claim they will not adopt them out, but yet kill them. This is an outrage and I do not want them on my social media pages, nor  a physical building, doing what is against the law. I am a huge animal advocate and do not condone any type of favoritism of breeds....all animals deserve life, a forever home (that is SAFE) and love from people who actually do care for all animals. Pitbulls are the most loving breed I know, along with many others, but they are gentle giants, they used to have a bad rap for being fighting dogs... that is not their fault, but the owner.. Its what they were taught to know. All dogs have the capability of changing and being retrained, that is proven on many, many t.v. shows about dogs. :) Please, if you agree with me, I urge you to sign this petition and let your voice be heard!! Its not only illegal; it is inhumane; especially for an org. that claims to save and care for all animals!! 

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