Stop Dumping Raw Sewage in the Banana River & Indian River lagoon , Brevard County

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We all have been experiencing the death of our waterways, lagoons and estuaries at the hand of policy makers not moving forward in funding emergency repairs to old sewage infrastructure. So when we have rain on the barrier islands in Brevard County we know that our county is going to dump millions of gallons of raw sewage into our lagoons. They are poisoning our water and ruining our life as we know it. They are killing mammals. We are mammals too! Stop poisoning us Brevard County! We need to get the EPA involved as well as attorneys to represent the residents of the barrier islands in Brevard County. It used to be illegal to dump sewage in out waters and other cities within our county have been fined for it! Who is holding Brevard County accountable? Please share and sign this and let our voices be heard!