Combine Corrections, Sheriffs, and CVSE into BCGEU Comp. 1 with separate Master Agreement.

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The BCGEU has grossly mismanaged the recent 18th Master Agreement.

In Component 1, Sheriffs and Corrections have been vastly outnumbered and outvoted by members in other components for accepting the recent deal, simply due to the fact that we are in the same Master Agreement as members who have no idea what it is that we go through on a daily basis. At any time, we can be threatened, have to deal with bodily fluids, weapons, assaults, consistently unsafe work conditions, long hours at work, and potential for unwanted interactions with offenders in the community; amongst countless other things.

For too long, Corrections Officers and Sheriffs in BC have been laid out to dry. This is the time to take action.

We want to start this petition in order to not only bring our Brothers and Sisters in the CVSE into our component, but also to have a separate Master Agreement, as we feel our voices have not been heard by the executive, and continue to be ignored.

Paul Finch has expressed that if the majority of Component 1 (50%+1) was to express to him that they want a separate Master, he would be in full support of it. Make your voice heard.

**Please share this with any members who you may know of that are in CVSE, Sheriff's and Corrections, even at other centers. As well e-mail Stephanie Smith ( and CC Paul Finch ( and inform them where it is you work, and that you would be in favor of combining Corrections, CVSE and Sheriff's, as well as being in favor of a separate Master Agreement**