Stop Breast Cancer Haven Solihull from being closed

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Breast Cancer Haven Solihull West Midlands was opened on 25th October 2017 to provide free one to one physical, emotional and practical support to anyone affected by Breast cancer. The Solihull area was identified as an area with one of the highest rates of breast cancer in the country . It is also the area where Ian Paterson rogue surgeon operated for over 15 years leaving 1,000's of his victims damaged and at higher risk of re-occurence of the disease due to him carrying out an unauthorised procedure he called a Cleavage sparing mastectomy. During the biggest breast cancer recall ever in the West Midlands by the NHS and the Private sector we are left without support with the closing of this important centre. The Government allocated £2 million to this centre to open it as it recognised there was a need in the area. These are some of the comments I've had from breast cancer patients on the announcement, "This is dreadful news I cried the first time I walked in as it looked so beautiful and welcoming" "Its hard enough to go through this illness but bearable with support" "I am devastated to hear this news.BCH saved me when I was diagnosed and I have made the most amazing friends in the centre". The local volunteer support group Breast Friends Solihull raised £20,000 to install the kitchen at the centre, we recommend ladies to use the facilities there in their time of need. Please sign this petition and save our Haven.