Clay County, IN: Enforce Current Animal Ordinances and Create a No Chain Law

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It is time that as a community we recognize that those who have the authority and obligation to enforce the few regulations Clay County has regarding animals are not doing so. We need to be the voice for the animals and insist on enforcement and improvements so that those in charge are held accountable as well as responsible for protecting the welfare of the animals.  

We also ask that Mayor Wyndham and City Council pass a "No Chain (Tether) Law" which specifies that dogs may not be tied to a stationary object as a means of confinement.  The ordinance should prohibit the chaining of a dog with the exception of instances in which the dog is temporarily tethered under the supervision of the responsible party. This Law should be created so that no dog has to endure a 24/7 life on a heavy metal chain, with no human interaction, except a knee to the chest to keep from jumping; a life in a cold uninsulated dog house with a leaky roof where water is not regularly provided or checked on frequently in freezing temperatures and food is tossed from a distance.  

We know that our officials are compassionate and care about their citizens' concerns and will address this issue immediately as we are having freezing temperatures, snow and rain.  
We know they can do better than taking calls regarding animals left outside, chained up, unable to reach their shelter and without food but with frozen water and decide to do NOTHING about it. Surely our small town values are better than this.  Please help us make these changes. 


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