Expedite construction of Community Park (Mississauga and Embelton) in Bram West

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Dear neighbours,

Our district is isolated from benefited areas. It is said that our local community center ( Mississauga/Embleton Community Park ) will be built by 2025, however, that is a little too late! We need this centre because the closest ones are quite far away, the population is increasing rapidly, and people can get some exercise. These are some out of the many advantages with building a community centre right away.

The nearest community centre - South Fletchers Sportsplex - is over 8 km away, which is a huge problem. Many parents, like mine, are hardworking parents which prevents them from dropping off and picking up their child at places far away from home. If the community centre was built early,  the public would have access to sports such as; swimming, basketball, skating, etc, and people would also have access to the library. The library is the perfect place to visit when someone needs some peace and quiet to study, or to read. Many people can benefit from having a community centre very close to them.

    In addition, the population is increasing rapidly. For this reason, other recreational centres are filled to the brim which makes it really hard to receive a spot for a programme. Also, there are a lot of kids in this neighbourhood and by the time it the recreational centre is finished being built most of the children will be grown up and won’t be benefited by it. Importantly, more and more people are moving into this neighbourhood. They need, more than ever, the benefits of the centre. Furthermore, there is a lot of traffic throughout the weekdays and weekends, especially on Mississauga Road and Steeles Avenue, so going somewhere distant would take quite some while. This is another reason why a community centre is needed in this neighbourhood.

    Lastly, everyone can refresh themselves by getting some exercise, or going for a evening stroll. Everyone in the society could go to this community centre when they get time instead of staying indoors. In fact, nearly one-third of the world’s population is obese or overweight (Christopher J.L. Murray, Marie Ng, Nearly one-third of the world’s population is obese or overweight, new data show). We have to do something about it. Community centres have gyms where families can visit to workout, or to have fun, either way going to the gym is the most efficient way to lose weight. Everyone can benefit from going to the gym.

    In conclusion, our local community center needs to be built and finished ASAP. We can gain a lot out of having a community center 10 to 15 minutes away from home, such as preventing us from driving through traffic and bad weather to go to the closest center, youth can join extracurricular activities which prevents them from staying inside, and lastly people can have some fun and get some exercise while playing sports. These are only some out of the many benefits in having a community center very close to us. Anyone over the age of two can visit anytime.

We want to send clear message to all the candidates running for Mayor and Councillors that we want this park as early as possible and whoever promises this to completed in next year or so we will elect them.