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We want to preserve our park and do not want concrete and pavement covering the park for these highly seasonal facilities that will be empty over 85% of the year

Letter to
Town Council
Mayor Sullivan
Stop development of the splash pad and parking lot at Watson Park.

Many residents are opposed to these changes at Watson Park for the following reasons:
I. These are seasonal facilities that will be unused well over 85% of the year. Keep the green open space and don't pave it over.
II. It will be difficult to maintain a safe environment for children to play in a splash pad at Watson Park where the water will recirculated in goose poop.
III. The Petersen Pool money should be spent on the Petersen Pool at the high school
IV. Tax dollars are better spent elsewhere and not maintaining these facilities.

* Before beginning the online petition, over 50 paper signatures were obtained by going door to door

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