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Make Brain fingerprinting admissable in any criminal court case.

It will help to prove with 100% certainty the concealment of a crime that only the real criminal or in the case of a frame up by law enforcement. This will help keep all parties involved honest!!   

You must ask Yourself "Do I want the truth in all criminal cases, Am  I tried of seeing the guilty walk and innocent people being framed? " pass the word if you really are seeking the truth!  

This new test that the Iowa Supreme Court ruled on and overturned a 24 year old conviction, using Brain fingerprinting test. This test has been used by The FBI, In Collaboration with: Drew C. Richardson, Ph. D, former Supervisory Special Agent FBI Laboratory Quantico, VA to accurately detect 100% of the times the concealment of information. Brain Fingerprinting testing also achieved 100% accuracy in three studies they conducted on contract for a U.S. intelligence agency, including one that was in collaboration with Dr. Rene Hernandez of the US Navy.
Pass the word Iowa Senator grassley is a proponent of this new technology pass the word if you want justice. leave a comment

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