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Petitioning Premier of Saskatchewan The Honourable Brad Wall and 5 others

Brad Wall and the Saskatchewan Party: Don't start standardized testing the students of Saskatchewan.


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Brad Wall and the Saskatchewan Party have waged a well-planned war on education. This war on education began by preventing school divisions from raising taxes to pay for local initiatives. Then Brad Wall froze budgets for three years while school divisions struggled to pay for basic things like repairs to schools. Teachers were then attacked to start off a round of negotiations, and the Saskatchewan Party spents millions of tax dollars to focus frustrations on the education system squarely on teachers.

Saskatchewan has a world-class curriculum based on sound educational research.  Much of this new curriculum was implemented with little direct teacher support in learning about and achieving the new provincial outcomes.  Teachers, schools, and school divisions struggled and worked hard to find new ways of teaching and collecting evidence of their students' learning.  

Now, Brad Wall and the Saskatchewan Party have added 40 hours to the school year to make up for the time that will surely be lost to standardized testing - yet noone seems to be able to explain why this change is taking place.

It's time to stand up to Mr. Wall and say, "enough is enough." Our schoolos need well-trained, enthusiastic teachers with the tools for a 21st Century economy - something that standardized testing will NOT help. Please sign up and petition Brad Wall to re-think his war on education in Saskatchewan.

Letter to
Premier of Saskatchewan The Honourable Brad Wall
Minister of Education, Saskatchewan Russ Marchuk
Deputy Minister of Education, Saskatchewan Cheryl Senecal
and 3 others
Saskatchewan NDP Critic for Education Trent Wotherspoon
President, Saskatchewan School Boards Association Janet Foord
President, Saskatchewan Teachers' Federation Colin Keess
Educational research shows that standardized tests lower overall learning achievement, decrease student motivation towards learning, take valuable time away from classroom learning, and ignore the single-most important indicator of students success - the teacher.

Newly implemented Saskatchewan Curricula encourage inquiry learning, formative assessment, reflective practice, communication, and holistic education. Standardized testing shifts the focus of learning to a few ambiguous "standards" which can never be a full measure of a student's, teacher's, school's or even province's educational learning.

Spend money on teachers. Help, support, and trust Saskatchewan teachers to be the expert in the classroom. Help our teachers learn powerful instructional strategies, formative classroom assessment techniques, and curriculum masters. Work with teachers to continue to build on Saskatchewan's reputation for a world-class education system, instead of following the mistakes of countless other nations and provinces.

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