Save Latin Classes at Karns High & Knox Co., it's Detrimental to College Bound Students

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The students at Karns High School in Knoxville, TN have been informed that this year is the last time the Foreign Language Latin will be offered. According to the counselor's Latin was not getting the interest they wanted.

I believe this to be unfair to the Students who as Freshman started with Latin I, Sophomores this year 2018/2019 school year are taking Latin II but will be unable to take Latin III as a Junior in our 2019/2020 school year. This not only prevents us as students in finishing our course study in our preferred language of choice, but we will not have the ability to test out of a Foreign Language when entering college.

Without the Latin III course, we will be at a substantial disability compared to other students who had Latin III in passing this hard test. The current Latin II students aren't the only ones upset and affected by this change. There are many students who either transferred in or started Karns High this year and have yet to take their language of choice. Those of us who have taken Latin I & II would be left out in the cold, to start a new language again next year would achieve the same outcome. We would only have the 2 of the 3-4 classes offered.

Many of the students who made plans on taking Latin in High School, did so for a very specific reason. Myself, I want to be an attorney, so my goal is to join the Air Force Academy, go on to be JAG Officer, possibly in Intelligence and learn Arabic to help with my career. Arabic occupies a position similar to Latin therefor a perfect third language for me.

Latin is the basis of many professions, to include Medicine, Law, Science & Education. More than 60% of English words come from Latin or Greek! It is also a proven fact that learning Latin improves our grammar and has been found that students who studied Latin scored higher on their SAT verbal portion than other students.

Latin itself is not a dead language, it's alive in many of the students in high schools right here in Knox County, TN who are thinking of their futures.

Knox County School Boards Own Mission Statement:  
Knox County World Language teachers will empower students to communicate in and connect to our complex world. The World Languages Department strives to educate and motivate students to become global citizens in an increasingly complex and changing world through the study of languages and cultures other than their own.

We believe that:
*Exposure to world languages strengthens and broadens students’ academic performance across subjects.
*Communicating across cultures is imperative in today's society.
*Communicate in a variety of languages increases job and leadership opportunities.
*Exposure to a variety of cultures and languages enriches lives.
*Learning another language increases academic achievement through critical-thinking and problem-solving.

It is a very simple fix, Leave Latin as a Foreign Language at Karns High School and any other High School in Knox County that now offers it. I know for a fact that there would be at least 2 Latin III classes next year if kept just at Karns, not to include the other schools who are now offering it. Several of my classmates have mentioned and said they would register for Latin I if given the chance. Our Latin Club at Karns High School is stronger than ever, and I have a personal interest in seeing this petition through till the end. My role as the Karns High School Latin Club Vice President, a student taking responsibility for my education and planning my future makes this my responsibility.

Mekenzie Kuhn, Karns High School Sophomore                                                       

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