Every day BP throws an uncountable amount of one-use plastic gloves into nature. Stop it.

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BP, via their petrol-stations, provide one-use, polythene gloves. They blow out of these dispensers, by the thousand, off the forecourts and into the surrounding environment, where they'll live for, I don't know, about ten thousand years.  That's a legacy I can't bear for us to continue contributing to.  It's not 1950 anymore - we have no time left for this stuff.  One-use plastic just for the sake of unnecessary ease has to become a thing of the past.  Don't just dream of the horrors of garbage-islands in the ocean, as if it's somewhere else - join me, in supporting this petition and putting pressure on BP to remove these glove-dispensers from their petrol-stations. On a recent litter-pick, I counted 413 pairs pulled from the immediately surrounding hedges and grassy areas.  We have to stop thinking this is OK. You want gloves at a petrol-station, great. Pack some gloves. This can work.  BP will like the opportunity it provides to demonstrate environmental awareness, and ultimately these gloves are nothing but cost for them.  It's just a mistake, on their part. Let's draw their attention to that.