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Boycott Raspberry PI Foundation

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The Raspberry PI Foundation makes and markets a low cost "educational computer" that is used in many schools by many people of many different religious belief and both public and private schools. The unit is quite impressive, however.... the Raspberry Pi Foundation on their Web site displays what are apparently youth in a school setting experimenting with the Raspberry Pi. The image is fine except for two displays of the Rainbow flag.

Since the Raspberry Pi was created as and marketed as an educational computing platform, The Raspberry Pi Foundation is using its product to promote Gay/Lesbian/Transgender agenda even to minors.  I do not believe it is appropriate to use an educational product as a vehicle to promote Gay, Lesbian, and transgender causes to our children.

When I complained about this suggesting they should keep the rainbow flag an arms length from their educational product on their forums I was labeled a "homophobic Bigot" in their forms and attacked verbally.  Upon replying again my account was banned and apparently my posts deleted. In that thread someone else pointed out that another person had raised the same issue.

Not only is Raspberry Pi Foundation promoting Gay/Lesbian Transgender lifestyle to children they are opposing anything that supports a hetrosexual lifestyle.  

It is not right for grown adults to promote the gay / lesbian / transgender agenda to minors that are not their own children and doing so by way of an educational product is clearly wrong. Why would grown adults want to promote gay/lesbian/transgender youth?  We must ask this question because it begs to be asked and when grown adults seem to do this it certainly implies there is more than just the rainbow flag being displayed. It is clearly a deeper agenda that continues. I am not asking to oppose their chosen lifestyle , let them live their lifestyle in peace, but why must they promote it to children that are not their own? Are these adults seeking approval from children? Are these adults seeking young partners and feel the need to indoctrinate other peoples children to their chosen lifestyle?  WE MUST STOP IT HERE AND NOW. 

I do have gay friends and I am not afraid of gays nor lesbians nor trangenders , so I am NOT homophobic, but I must question the agenda when it appears in this form. It does make me fearful of what is next on the agenda for some of these people. They can and should be able to make their choices of sexual preference in peace , they should however leave other people's children out of it and keep their sexual preference in their pants.

Each parent has the right to raise their children as they believe is correct and we need not have the Gay/Lesbian/Transgender lifestyle shoved down our children's throats by way of an "educational product". As I would not try to influence their children to another religion that was inconsistent with their own, and a sexual preference (emphasis on preference)  is equally or more sacred than religion. They want to tell your children it is "ok to be gay" even if you as a parent work diligently and carefully  to put your child on a hetrosexual path. Gaining this "acceptance" is step one in the path to homosexuality and The Raspberry Pi foundation needs to leave this to parents, not give it away on their web site on a path to their product.



Boycott the Raspberry Pi foundation until they met the requirement below:

Raspberry Pi foundation should immediately remove the rainbow flag from all of their web site. It has no place with an educational product. They should furthermore refrain from promoting any gay, lesbian, transgender or even sexual preference in their promotional material , web sites or anything related to the Raspberry Pi foundation  or any of their related products.

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